Jeff Lewis will represent Ted Rall in First Amendment appeal over defamatory comments by the LA Times

Ted Rall is a political cartoonist and syndicated columnist. For many years his cartoons were run in the Los Angeles Times. The LA Times stopped running his work after the LAPD claimed that Rall made false statements about the LAPD in a Rall piece that was critical of the LAPD and chronicled an incident when Rall was handcuffed by the LAPD for jaywalking. Rall sued the LA Times for defamation. The LA Times brought an anti-SLAPP motion and the lawsuit against the Times was dismissed. Rall will appeal that ruling and I am honored to represent him in this important First Amendment case about the outer boundaries of the anti-SLAPP law.

Jeff Lewis Wins Arbitration Over Enforcement of Illegal Covenant not to Compete

In July 2013, Jeff Lewis represented a local hospital against a medical group. The medical group sought to enforce an illegal covenant not to compete against the hospital and prevent the hospital from employing the medical group’s former employee. Jeff Lewis’ client prevailed and the arbitrator found the covenant not to compete was illegal.